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The archive contains the SIX Swiss Exchange participants' regulation which were abrogated as of 31 March 2010.

01 Exchange and clearing hours
03 Duty to trade on the Exchange
04 Orders and quotes
08 Exceptional Situations
09 Emergency Situations
10 Reporting requirement
11 Reporting requirement with respect to Sensitive Block Transactions
13 Traders' examination
14 Admission of Traders to the SIX Swiss Exchange
15 Handling of mistrades
16 Fees
17 Use of market information disseminated via the SWXess trading platform
18 Market making in the SIX Swiss Exchange - Sponsored Segment
19 Collection of Swiss stamp tax from participants domiciled abroad (remote participants)
20 Trading on a separate line
22 Implementing provisions governing the prohibition of market manipulation
23 Connectivity
24 Clearing & Settlement

Directive 21 was abrogated with effect from 1 October 2005.
Directives 2, 5, 6, 7 and 12 were abrogated with effect from 11 November 2005.