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SIX Exfeed Ltd Messages

20/201615.11.2016SIX Swiss Exchange Indices: Incorrect closing values due to delayed reference prices on 14.11.16
19/201628.10.2016Exchange Holidays between Christmas and New Year
18/201614.10.2016RECAP with new Listing Type Codes
17/201627.09.2016SMF Reference data amendments
16/201621.09.2016The DB Rüd Blass Swiss Real Estate Index to be admitted to the range of indices of the SIX Swiss Exchange
15/201613.09.2016SIX Swiss Exchange launches the SPI Multi Premia® index family for factor-based investments
14/201607.09.2016SIX Project 2DC move: Physical move of the SMF System S7
13/201626.07.2016Issue with SFD data (Swiss Fund Data) solved
12/201626.07.2016Issue with SFD data (Swiss Fund Data)
11/201618.07.2016Changes to SMF User Specs v9.2 – Introduction of SwissAtMid
10/201628.06.2016Changes to the SIX Exfeed Pricelist
09/201622.06.2016CONNEXOR update: SMF daily delivery of static data for Structured Products
08/201621.06.2016Issue with the Connexor data Update in SMF Production Environment
07/201608.06.2016Correction for SXI Real Estate® Funds TR Index
06/201621.03.2016Please adjust the value for certain Swiss Current Rates and SCION index
05/201601.03.2016Missing Prices for Swiss Reference Indices
04/201619.02.2016Project 2DC move: Next steps for the SMF SIX Exfeed environment (secondary site) move
03/201609.02.2016Change of trading segments due the ordinary index review
02/201608.02.2016Exchange Holidays between Easter and the Swiss National Holiday
01/201615.01.2016Index adjustments in conjunction with delisting of Transocean Ltd.