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SIX Exfeed Ltd Messages

23/202005.08.2020SWXess Maintenance Release 9.0 (SMR9.0)
22/202023.07.2020Business Continuity Test on 22 August 2020
21/202022.07.2020Decommissioning of BLKB Regio Basel Index Total Return
20/202010.07.2020Change of trading segments due to the ordinary index review
19/202007.07.2020New Service and Source in SIX MDDX® for Nordic Indices
18/202025.06.2020Renaming of the Swiss Average Index ON (SAION)
17/202015.06.2020SWXess Maintenance Release 8.2 (SMR8.2) Production Migration 19-20 June 2020
16/202011.06.2020Recalculation of SAION and SCION
15/202006.05.2020SWXess Maintenance Release 9 (SMR9) - Announcement
14/202020.04.2020VSMI indices issue solved
13/202020.04.2020VSMI indices not calculated
12/202008.04.2020Wrong index closings for 03.04.2020 and 06.04.2020
11/202027.03.2020Exchange Holiday
10/202025.03.2020VSMI index closings for 20.03.2020 and 23.03.2020
09/202024.03.2020Wrong VSMI index closings for 20.03.2020 and 23.03.2020
08/202020.03.2020Launch of 2 new custom indices and deletion of 1 custom index on 23 March 2020
07/202017.03.2020VSMI indices issue solved
06/202016.03.2020VSMI indices not calculated
05/202030.01.2020SWXess Maintenance Release 8.2 (SMR8.2) Announcement
04/202027.01.2020Swiss Reference Rates correction for the closing value of the SAION
03/202024.01.2020Update on non-availability of Swiss Reference Rates from CO:RE
02/202024.01.2020No Swiss Reference Rates available from CO:RE at present
01/202010.01.2020VSMI and SMI risk control indices are not getting disseminated on 3 January 2020