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Bond Market

Bonds - CHF and Bonds - Non CHF are traded on SIX Swiss Exchange. With X-stream INET, we provide the world's most advanced trading technology, using direct low-latency industry standard interfaces for trading, quoting and market data. With a co-location access, participants can fully enjoy the outstanding performance of our trading platform. more

Bonds - CHF are listed in Swiss Francs on the Swiss Exchange. These include all bonds in Swiss francs regardless of the type of issuer (domestic or foreign).

Bonds - Non CHF are always issued in a foreign currency (i.e. not Swiss francs) and are either listed on a foreign exchange recognised by the Swiss Exchange or listed on SIX Swiss Exchange itself.

Fee provisions

Guideline: List of Trading Charges stipulates the fees which apply to on-exchange, on- and off-order-book trading for all product types on SIX Swiss Exchange. Other Directives contain further specific provisions.

Information about the individual trading segments

The Trading Guides provide participants and traders with information on the applicable rules governing trading. "Trading Guide" is the collective term for product guides and other types of information.

Product Guide - Bond Market contains the full range of trading provisions governing trading times, price steps, trading interruptions, reporting, etc.

For information on admission and listing, please refer to the SIX Exchange Regulation website. This website also contains details of other securities exchange legislation.