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Become a Sponsor

Do you want to reach an international and financially potent investor base? SIX Swiss Exchange offers you ideal trading conditions and efficient admission processes.

In the segment for Sponsored Funds, traditional Investment Funds are traded in a market-making segment. A sponsor acts as market maker and continuously quotes binding bid and ask prices.

Swiss financial marketplace: your gateway to international growth

As a sponsor of Investment Funds on SIX Swiss Exchange you reach an international and financially potent investor base. The Swiss financial marketplace is among the most capital-rich and most international in the world.

World-class stock exchange trading

In order to guarantee ideal trading conditions we continually invest in the improvement of our trading platform. With X-stream INET we offer you the world's fastest and most advanced trading technology in the world.

Swift admission to trading

SIX Swiss Exchange has created an efficient and clearly structured listing process so that your selection of funds can be admitted to trading more quickly. As a sponsor you can complete the admission process in just five trading days. Our expert specialists will take you through the entire listing process step-by-step. Find out more about Market Making in Sponsored Funds.