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10 steps to start trading under the Sponsored Access arrangement in 4 weeks' time

For new Sponsoring Participants and Sponsored Users, we guarantee a simple and transparent "onboarding" procedure that under ideal circumstances is completed within the space of four weeks. We support you competently and reliably during the entire process and our specialists are also always available to guide you through the processes and answer all your questions.

The overview below provides a compact overview of the onboarding process and all relevant milestones. Fundamentally, the onboarding process can be broken down into three subsets that can be handled and completed in parallel.

  1. Approval for Market Data receipt and usage from SIX Exfeed Ltd
    As part of the formal Sponsored Access application the Sponsoring Participant must confirm that the approval from SIX Exfeed Ltd for the receipt and usage of market data according to the Rule Book[pdf] and Directive 6: Market Information[pdf] has been obtained. Further details about Data Services is available in the Data Services section.
  2. Submit Sponsored Access - Application Form
    To apply for admission to Sponsored Access on SIX Swiss Exchange, Sponsoring Participants have to use the Sponsored Access - Application Form[pdf].
  3. Setup trading infrastructure and network
    The Sponsoring Participants and Sponsored Users must provide and setup the trading infrastructure. All relevant SWXess Interface Specifications as well as the Connectivity Guide are available in the Member Section of SIX Swiss Exchange.
    Sponsored Users connect to SIX Swiss Exchange either via Co-Location or SCAP directly or via third party providers. For a dedicated direct connection for Sponsored Users the connection must be ordered via the appropriate Connectivity Order Form.
  4. Submit Sponsored Access - Configuration Form for Test
    For the configuration of Sponsored Access users (OTI, IMI and FIX Drop Copy) as well as the RiskXposure Graphical User Interface users, the Sponsored Access Configuration Form[pdf] must be submitted.
    If the clearing and settlement instructions for the Sponsored Access flow is different from the Sponsored Participants' own order flow, the form Clearing Settlement Standing Instructions (CSSI) must be submitted. SIX Swiss Exchange helps Sponsoring Participants to complete the documents.
  5. Install RiskXposure Graphical User Interface (RX GUI)
    The Sponsoring Participant can download the RX GUI provided by SIX Swiss Exchange for monitoring the Sponsored Access flow and maintaining the Risk Management Controls from the Member Section. Detailed information on the installation and usage of the RX GUI is available in the RiskXposure User Guide[pdf] and the Connectivity Guide (available in the Member Section).
  6. Establish connection and start testing
    The Sponsoring Participant and Sponsored User can establish a connection to the SIX Swiss Exchange computing centers and may start testing in the test environment.
  7. Sponsoring Participant Training
    During the test phase SIX Swiss Exchange offers to perform a Sponsored Access and RX GUI training for the Sponsoring Participant. The Sponsoring Participant may contact Member Services to plan the training.
  8. Conformance Testing with SIX Swiss Exchange
    Together with SIX Swiss Exchange, the Sponsoring Participant and Sponsored User defines a test window for conformance test. Prior to this, SIX Swiss Exchange sends the Sponsoring Participant the test script with the test scenarios. These are carried out by telephone with Member Services. The conformance tests ensure that the basic functionalities are available as required and that clearing and settlement runs properly. The Sponsoring Participant and Sponsored Users can also check that the trades are processed smoothly in their own back-office systems.
  9. Submit Sponsored Access - Configuration Form for Production
    The Sponsoring Participant submits the final configuration via Sponsored Access Configuration Form[pdf] and agrees a go-live date with Member Services. SIX Swiss Exchange coordinates the dates with the CSDs and CCPs.
    Before the Sponsored User can start trading on SIX Swiss Exchange the Sponsoring Participant must configure the Risk Management Controls via RX GUI or file upload. Detailed information is available in the RiskXposure User Guide[pdf].
  10. Start trading
    On the first trading day, SIX Swiss Exchange observes the trading activity and monitors settlement.

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