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Sponsored Access - controlled access to outstanding liquidity

Sponsored Access offers a new way to connect directly to SIX Swiss Exchange and benefit from our cutting-edge trading technology as well as our outstanding liquidity for Swiss and international securities. The Risk Management Controls provided by SIX Swiss Exchange ensure that the order flow is controlled at all times.

Sponsored Access provides an additional connectivity option to trade in the highly liquid equity segment of SIX Swiss Exchange by using the world's fastest and most advanced trading technology. Sponsored Access is provided by Sponsoring Participants of SIX Swiss Exchange to their Sponsored Users.

Sponsoring Participants can effectively risk-manage their Sponsored Access order flow thanks to the series of Pre- and At-Trade Risk Management Controls (RMC) provided by SIX Swiss Exchange. In addition, Sponsoring Participants can monitor all trading activity of their Sponsored Users by means of a real-time drop copy feed provided over FIX.

Sponsored Users can connect to the "SWXess" trading platform either directly via co-location, via SCAP or via one of our third party network providers. With a co-location access, the outstanding performance of our X-stream INET trading technology can be fully enjoyed. Orders are submitted via the high performance and low-latency OUCH Trading Interface (OTI), while market data is available via the ITCH Market Data Interface (IMI).

SIX Swiss Exchange guarantees a simple and transparent onboarding procedure that under ideal circumstances is completed within the space of four weeks. Sponsored Users may apply for Sponsored Access via their chosen Sponsoring Participant.

For more detailed information please contact us: