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Price Step Group Change for Structured Products

Price Step Group Code changes will not automatically result in the deletion of open orders from the order books. Only open orders, which do not correspond to the instrument's new tick size regime, will be deleted before the Start of Business on the morning on which the new Price Step Group Codes come into force.

Security Description ISINSymbolPrice Step Date of change
Code previous previous Code new new
PSTAAV VON CCH0292576516PSTAAVS10.001S3102.06.2020
USAQ2Z ZKB C 05/21CH0399414918USAQ2ZS10.001S3104.05.2020
IBDBIZ ZKB CCH0429808832IBDBIZS10.001S3104.05.2020
ORCSCS CS C/ZCH0475762735ORCSCSS10.001S3101.04.2020
Z19CYZ ZKB C 11/21 /ZCH0473235015Z19CYZS31S10.00101.04.2020
SAGCJB JB C 02/22CH0456281846SAGCJBS31S10.00101.04.2020
SABOJB JB C 09/20CH0369679292SABOJBS31S10.00101.04.2020
USAQ2Z ZKB C 05/21CH0399414918USAQ2ZS31S10.00101.04.2020
PSTAAV VON CCH0292576516PSTAAVS31S10.00101.04.2020
PSTFTV VON C/ZCH0515552211PSTFTVS31S10.00101.04.2020
PSTAXV VON CCH0348377398PSTAXVS31S10.00101.04.2020
PSTIIV VON CCH0480394060PSTIIVS31S10.00101.04.2020
IBDBIZ ZKB CCH0429808832IBDBIZS31S10.00101.04.2020
PSTFTV VON C /ZCH0515552211PSTFTVS10.001S3102.03.2020
PSTIIV VON CCH0480394060PSTIIVS10.001S3102.03.2020
Z19CYZ ZKB C 11/21 /ZCH0473235015Z19CYZS10.001S3103.02.2020