EU Interest Taxation: Qualification procedure for paying agents in Switzerland and Liechtenstein only

This information site is directed only at paying agents in Switzerland and Liechtenstein that wish to classify a financial product with regard to the EU-Savings Tax.

SIX Financial Information is an official data provider approved by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration FTA providing information on tax classifications of relevant financial instruments to paying agents.

The qualification procedure as requested by a paying agent is only applicable, if no self-declaration of the issuer or of the investment funds provider exists or can be obtained. For paying agents in Switzerland, this classification is binding; for paying agents in the EU, for the time being, the applicable classification remains “unknown”.

A request for classification of investment funds and hybrid, structured financial products can be filled out directly by the paying agent in the password protected area. For accessing this area, the paying agent must have registered successfully beforehand.
The completed request form must be submitted to SIX Financial Information together with the prospectus or term sheet and the necessary basic data.

SIX Financial Information verifies whether the paying agents have completed the request forms correctly and if yes, forwards them for review to the panel of qualification experts consisting of one member of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration FTA, one member of the Swiss Funds Association, one member of the Swiss Bankers Association and one member of the Swiss big banks.

SIX Financial Information itself does not classify investment funds or hybrid, structured financial instruments. Classification is only agreed upon unanimously by the above mentioned panel of qualification experts.