AIM Software

AIM Software specializes in creating innovative data management and risk management software solutions for financial markets.

AIM Software is one of the leading providers of data management solutions for financial markets, with offices in Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, France, the USA, Hong Kong and Japan.

Based on the worldwide service and support partner network, AIM Software provides internationally established software solutions and services with 120 references in 16 countries. Supported by the large client base, AIM Software can offer low risk and low cost all-in-one software packages, based on its industry proven data management software platform GAIN.


AIM Software
1010 Vienna
T +43 1 512 46 52
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AIM Software
8808 Pfäffikon
T +41 44 586 46 52
AIM Software Inc.
Wall Street, 11th Floor110
NYC 10005 New York
United States
T +1 212 859 3498
AIM Software
Ebisu, Shibuya-Ku4-20-3
150-6018 Tokyo