SIX Financial Information provides data services to global names in the financial media and to selected strategic partners sharing a vision to offer first rate market information.

SIX provides data services to some of the most prominent global names in financial media. For SIX’s customers in the media field, accurate and well sourced information is as business critical as it is for the professionals that rely on financial information for their work.

In the competitive world of financial technology services, SIX maintains strategic partnerships with other technology providers to deliver its first rate data to customers. Customers benefit from a high degree of interoperability with major banking systems and with other standard technologies used in finance.

At the core of SIX’s technology services is a global database of real time market data as well as reference and descriptive data, corporate actions and prices. SIX offers the stability and expertise that comes from more than 80 years in the business.

All services are offered with extremely high standards of support for both technical and content queries. The services are delivered world wide with local experts based in all major financial centers. Media organizations and other consumers of high quality financial information are partnering with SIX to source global market data.