Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance

SIX Financial Information supports financial institutions to become stronger and more systematic in their management of risk and compliancy requirements.

Risk and compliance services support financial institutions to control their financial exposure and to deliver necessary transparency to end investors and regulators. This two-fold importance of risk management applies to the servicing of accounts across tax jurisdictions, to administering complex structured products, to global asset management and more.

Financial institutions both large and small are impacted. A smaller unit might confront a challenge to source regulatory expertise. Regulations change and current information must be sourced from official reports and applied rapidly in complex back and middle office environments.

Risk solutions for larger financial institutions must scale significantly to cover regulatory requirements in a global, round the clock investment environment.

Large and small, financial institutions are working with SIX to meet risk and compliancy needs. SIX can deliver in this domain because it innovates, participates on global regulatory committees, and because of partnerships with specific financial content providers.

Customers access risk and compliance data through SIX’s terminal display applications, reference data delivery services and pricing and valuation services. Customized databases and display environments for risk and compliance data are available as part of SIX’s Solutions offering.

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