Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Wealth managers benefit from SIX Financial Information’s comprehensive view on global markets, judicious selection of proprietary content and support for terminal display and mobile technologies.

SIX’s display technologies for wealth managers integrate tightly with a global securities database of real time data and reference data sourced from exchanges, contributors and directly from other important sources all over the world. This ensures accuracy and timeliness across a vast data offering.

These display technologies support powerful search and listing functions for systematic comparison and analysis of equities, fixed income investments, funds and derivatives. Finance specialists can drill down to detailed market information such as time & sales data for a precise view upon market conditions.

Sophisticated alerts deliver information relating to your investments through display terminals and on mobile devices. Data can be exported to external applications such as Excel. Together, these features enable careful market monitoring and screening.

SIX offers a wealth of proprietary content including Factset’s consensus-level estimates and statistics, reputational risk analytics provided by RepRisk® and independent investment ratings from specialist provider theScreener.

Clients benefit from close support for both technical and content queries from a local presence based in 23 global locations.