Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Eliminate the need to perform any manual data mapping and ensure for better processing of entity level Corporate Actions with SIX Financial Information’s LEI data service.

In light of the Lehman Brothers crash, the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) has been devised to provide financial institutions a greater understanding of corporate entities with the aim of greatly reducing cross platform risk exposure. As a financial institution you are now challenged with integrating and cross-linking all of the data references, while streamlining data flow.

Our LEI Data Service

SIX Financial Information's data maps LEI to institutional data and related instrument data to provide a pass through solution for integrating pre-LEI/LEI into securities and entity master files. In addition, SIX corporate actions data ensures events such as mergers and takeovers are applied, eliminating the need to perform any manual data mapping or maintenance.

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Key Benefits

Save time and effort on non-productive tasks such as manual mapping and updates

Greatly reduce the amount of failed trades caused by incomplete, inaccurate counterparty data

Facilitate better processing of entity level Corporate actions such as applying M&A events to all related instruments

Reduced costs of compliance with easy access to our extensive and reliable tax and compliance data

Background on the LEI

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