Pricing and real-time valuations

Pricing and real-time valuations

SIX Financial Information offers award winning managed data services for fund managers and other financial professionals who seek timely and accurate prices, valuations and derived financial information.

Drawing on an extensive database of reference data and price information, SIX delivers price snapshots and detailed funds data for portfolio managers and fund managers.

Financial professionals around the world rely on SIX for calculated values and financial statistics associated with a broad range of financial instruments including indices, ETFs and structured products.

Fully managed pricing and valuation services enable timely, same-day reporting. A range of financial information is factored into our services including SIX's award winning fund of funds data, which is sourced directly from fund managers.

Systematic encoding of prices and other financial information reduces manual post-processing of data, thus reducing errors and processing time. Current market inputs are sourced accurately and efficiently to support a range of financial reporting activities including indicative NAV reports.

Customers access SIX’s pricing and valuation services through powerful display terminals and through versatile and rapidly deployable batch file services.

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