Reference Data

Reference Data

One of the world’s most comprehensive securities databases, linking all data elements associated with a security.

SIX’s international customers are active in wealth management, asset management, insurance, the non-financial sector and the media. They count on SIX’s experience with sourcing reference data and with ensuring high data standards.

We structure reference data to enable customers to achieve the highest possible level of automation. This supports financial professionals  to process high data volumes in a timely manner, thus saving time and money.

SIX’s reference data service captures a broad range of information including current ownership hierarchies, funds composition information and corporate actions reports. For corporate actions data, SIX has been acknowledged with the Inside Reference Data Best Corporate Actions Data Provider award in 2010 and 2011.

SIX is a founding member of the international Association of National Numbering Agencies. Customers benefit from the first hand access to the ISIN numbering system that this membership brings. And this is just one example of the international scope of SIX’s reference data services, and the depth with which we offer these services.

Business analysts and market experts at SIX are based in major financial centers worldwide. Our reference data supports customers to function in a round the clock global operating environment and to meet complex business needs and regulatory requirements.

Customers access SIX’s reference data services through powerful display terminals, through versatile FTP services and via completely customized technologies delivered as part of our Solutions offering.

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