Finselect is a web-based price service for daily evaluation of selected securities in compliance with the guidelines of the Japanese Pension Fund Association. It is designed for management of pension fund investments around the world and can be used to evaluate all categories of investment assets.

Finselect supplies a broad range of market price information (trading quotes, calculated prices, etc.) from the comprehensive SIX Financial Information database in Zurich. The data is collected from all major financial centres worldwide, then processed and delivered to customers. For more information on what SIX Financial Information currently offers, visit the section “Global data services” of this website.


If you wish, you can select a variety of pricing data on each security: trading quotes, bid and ask prices, etc. In case of non-marketable securities for which daily prices are not available (e.g. illiquid bonds), Finselect provides calculated theoretical prices from Standard & Poors and other data sources.


The range of price sources and price types on offer is determined by the guidelines of the Japanese Pension Fund Association. For each security selected we supply, as standard, a current snapshot in the morning and the previous day’s closing price in the afternoon. Other and additional snapshots can be provided on request at any time specified by the user.


Access to the output data file compiled in accordance with user’s specifications is possible via dedicated line or the Internet. The data can be downloaded from the SIX Financial Information delivery system in a variety of file formats and/or checked using a browser.

Finselect is available in Japan.

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