Market Data Feed

Market Data Feed

Market Data Feed (MDF) is a high performance, real time global market data service. This versatile and highly competitive service is a key source of financial information for major news providers and for large scale closed user groups seeking customized financial data.

MDF is a mid- to high-volume service for delivering market quotes in real-time or with a delay. SIX consolidates data into a single consistent format regardless of where in the world the data originates. As a fully customizable technology MDF delivers pricing data, derived and calculated data, intraday and historical time series data and business news.

MDF is based on a powerful data architecture that is able to capture and consolidate market information from exchanges, multilateral trading facilities (MTFs) and institutional contributors.

The feed service is delivered as a high volume broadcast stream or as a snapshot and can either be hosted on SIX servers or on your own infrastructure. MDF is available throughout Europe, the USA and in Singapore.

MDF adapter for the Bloomberg data distribution platform

To solve for a possible outage and provide efficiencies, users of Bloomberg’s market data platform have the option of deploying SIX Financial Information’s market data feed for resiliency and business continuity.

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