SIX Index

SIX Financial Information has widespread experience in index calculation and the development of innovative indices. SIX is one of the largest index providers in the Nordic region, calculating over 1000 indices under the SIX brand and customized indices on behalf of clients. Our clients represent both sell-side banks and brokers, buy-side financial institutions as well as media and listed companies.

Customized indices

SIX undertakes the position of index calculator for its clients (index owners). The creation and design of new indices is carried out in close collaboration with the clienst. Their requirements, along with SIX' widespread experience, ensures that the appropriate construction and methodology is employed. SIX undertakes responsibility for the development and calculation of index history as well as the daily index calculation. Moreover, SIX produces and distributes index reports and index values through various channels to the market and informs the index owner and market of upcoming events. With extensive experience and first-rate knowledge of the industry, SIX retains the ability to customize indices according to our client's ideas and desires. SIX currently manages a range of different index designs and methodologies, examples of which include stock, bond, currency, commodity and composite indices.

Index reports

SIX generates index reports for their proprietary SIX indices. These index reports can be subscribed to by clients, who have the possibility to determine the appearance and content of the index report. Reports are distributed on a daily basis via FTP or e-mail.

Future event reports

Clients also have the possibility to subscribe to a future event report. The future event report is index specific and provides clear information on upcoming events directly related to the constituent companies of the index. Toghether with the index report, the future event report provides clients with foresight and a complete overview of the index calculation.

Index sponsor

SIX assumes the role of index sponsor to clients who calculate their own indices. With SIX as index sponsor, we provide clients with a qualtiy stamp on indices ensuring they are calculated correctly in accordance with the index rules and regulations.

Index licenses

Clients can make use of SIX indices as an underlying index to their products (eg. index funds and various structured products).

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