Time Series Daily

Time Series Daily

Time Series Daily is a versatile service for accessing accurate historical price information spanning almost three decades. Use the service to build charts and to back test investment strategies against a database of equities, indices, funds, bonds, foreign exchange data as well as selected derivatives, structured products, warrants and options.

Historical end-of-day prices spanning more than three decades are drawn from SIX Financial Information’s powerful global securities database. Data is delivered either as a one-off batch service between two historical time points or as a daily, updated service starting at a defined time point. A further option exists to access daily prices without a batched, historical series.

Original market prices are delivered with complete references to original listing identifiers. This provides a link between a given inactive listing and its corresponding new, active listing. Pricing corrections are automatically incorporated into batched deliveries and various adjustment factors can be applied to the final reported prices.

A highly versatile selection environment makes it possible to select securities on the basis of Valor number, CUSIP and ISIN securities identifier codes. Selections can also be made on the basis of a search-like query starting with only an exchange code, thus delivering prices for all securities corresponding to the query.

Delivered as a light weight comma separated file using a secure file transfer protocol, Time Series Daily can be deployed rapidly while at the same time yielding a dependable and up to date historical dimension to a variety of asset screening and validation tasks.


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