PEP-Check streamlines the due diligence process with fast, accurate anti-money laundering (AML) and financing of terrorism checks.

The increasing demands for regulatory compliance have resulted in financial institutions needing to diligently follow anti-money laundering and know your customer (KYC) onboarding regimes in order to manage risks of investments and transactions using illegally procured funds. 

The PEP-Check Solution

PEP-Check enables organizations to run checks on potential and existing clients against official sanction lists, PEP (politically exposed person) lists, and risk lists (watch lists and blacklists) as required by law and recommended by the international FATF (Financial Action Task Force).

Key Benefits

Assurance of knowing lists are obtained from official government offices and compliance specialists.

Save on time and efforts with saved user configurations and automatic list updates taking place every time PEP-Check is launched.

Provide management and regulators with timely, detailed reports in a variety of audit-standard formats as proof of due diligence.

Easy integration into a wide range of checking processes and systems for an efficient workflow.

Key Features

- Individual name check.

- Batch checks (customer lists).

- Transaction check.

- Hit verification module.

Auto adjusting White List.

Periodical risk screening of customer base

Add private lists or content from 3rd party providers

- Advanced search options for in-depth investigations.

- Multi-client capability allows for the best configurations to suit each checking process.

The flexibility of PEP-Check ensures it is the right solution for every due diligence checking process whether it be running routine customer screenings, transaction checks, or kick-starting in-depth investigations. 

Types of usage

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