Multi-model risk analytics to optimize buy-side returns

FinAnalytica’s leading buy side multi-asset class market risk platform delivers advanced, next generation risk modeling capabilities, risk management workflow support and comprehensive reporting in its flagship Cognity™ technology.

Cognity’s next generation tail risk modeling framework provides superior predictive analytics in support of the entire investment management process offering institutional asset managers, hedge funds, manager of managers and other buy-side market participants the analytical tools and best practices to help measure and monitor risk accurately while constructing portfolios with significantly higher risk-adjusted returns.

Cognity delivers a multi-module analysis capability providing a comprehensive set of portfolio construction, factor modeling, risk modeling, risk budgeting, exposure  analysis, market risk backtesting, pre-trade “what-if analysis” decision support capability as well as stress testing, sensitivity testing, scenario analysis, portfolio optimization and optimization backtesting capabilities.

FinAnalytica delivers the advanced technology, best practices, comprehensive reporting and expert support to materially strengthen the investment processes.


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