Neoxam is the global expert for enterprise-wide data management and reporting for banks, insurance companies and investment managers.

NeoXam provides Asset Management and Capital Markets firms with cost-efficient, proven and mission-critical solutions. NeoXam covers the complete value-chain, from central data management and front-office to back-office facilities. To address the multiple challenges faced by the financial industry, NeoXam created the Best of Hybrid model, which allows financial institutions to have access to financial information on a consistent and optimized basis.

NeoXam Data Hub is the most comprehensive, efficient and customizable solution for centralized data management available on the market. The solution acts as a hub, a central repository and a user-oriented data management tool for data used or produced by financial institutions.

NeoXam optimizes processes in data logistics and reporting. In the data management and stands for consistent, reliable and quality checked data as well as for straight-through-processing (STP).

In collaboration with its well-known partners, NeoXam can offer global software solutions, integrates and maintains them in production with their experienced consultants.


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