nFusion Solutions

nFusion Solutions is a team of technologists with an extensive and diverse background in financial software systems.

nFusion Solutions is dedicated to the design, delivery, implementation and presentation of financial data. Our cloud-based platform and SaaS approach to solution distribution and management empowers our clients to deploy solutions quickly and cost effectively across multiple channels which include websites, mobile devices, intranets and back-office applications. Extensive expertise in technology and real-time market data solutions helps our clients meet business demands and provides long-term recurring value to their enterprise.

Companies leverage our robust underlying cloud platform and software solutions to support diverse business functions as well as improve operational efficiency resulting in lower total cost of ownership. Our data management and web services provide a central hub for acquiring, validating, storing and distributing data and data driven software services and applications. 

Bottom line, our intense focus in the financial services vertical allows us to prrovide our clients with immediate value precision and execution that other technology companies simply cannot match.

nFusion Solutions Cloud Platform Capabilities:

  • Authentication, entitlement management, administration
  • Reliability, redundancy, failover
  • Performance, caching, scalability
  • Open standards compliance, mobile optimized
  • Transformation, compression, encryption
  • Global CDN, route optimization, geo-replication
  • Monitoring, alerting, logging, metrics


nFusion Solutions
716 County Rd. 10
Blaine, MN 55434
United States
T +1 (888) 806 3081 (US Toll Free)