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SIX has a proven track record of delivering data and services for compliance with complex regulations, as demonstrated with MiFID I.

Data and expertise for MiFID II compliance

The MiFID II / MiFIR regulatory framework has been introduced to bring greater transparency, safety and more resilience to the financial markets. The regulation brings enormous complexity for firms throughout the industry in terms of generating, collecting and processing financial data.

As a leading global provider of reference data and a long history with regulations, we have developed complete data sets for investor protection, transparency, transaction and reference data reporting obligations.

This comes as a result of client consultation in interviews, workshops and forming the SIX MiFID II Working Group with specialists from international financial institutions in which requirements and pain points are addressed. We are also proactively working with trading venues, industry associations and regulators to ensure clients always get up-to-date information on the regulation.

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MiFID II Investor Protection


The industry challenge

Under MiFID II rules, firms must assess their clients’ objectives, risk tolerance and ability to bear loss during the advisory process.


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SIX data sets for investor protection

Investment firms can rely on SIX data to carry out product suitability assessments, profile investors and ensure that advisors only offer products suitable for the investor’s needs.

Key data sets

Key benefits

Easily carry out appropriateness and suitability testing within your advisory process by using complex/non-complex classification of instruments

Perform accurate product suitability assessments with comprehensive target market criteria on instrument level and cost breakdown

Comply with client informing obligations by valuation monitoring of leveraged instruments

Ensure only suitable products are being marketed and advised upon to end investors

Comprehensive data coverage for MiFID II compliance

Check out our infographic for an at-a-glance description of our datasets.

Transparency, Transaction and Reference Data Reporting


The industry challenge

A key challenge for firms is establishing a coherent and consistent reference data framework that clearly defines rules for both trading obligations and transaction or trade reporting.


The SIX service: Get an overview in 3 minutes


SIX data sets for transparency

SIX provides static information on key pre- and post-trade reporting categories to support your reporting obligations. We carry waivers, deferrals and liquidity assessments from ESMA and EEA venues.

Key data sets

Data sets for transaction and reference data reporting

We provide the identifiers necessary for all reporting obligations, removing the burden of sourcing and cross-referencing identifiers from multiple exchanges and allowing you to map MiFID II attributes to your existing reference data in an automated, efficient way.

Key data sets

Key benefits

Fulfill trade reporting (transparency) obligations in a lean and efficient way by using static data provided by ESMA and venues

Identify MiFID-reportable instruments to comply with transaction reporting obligations

Simplify data processing with a single high performance interface for the complete required MiFID II content, including instrument identifiers and classification

On-going monitoring of regulatory developments from all levels under ESMA and the NCAs

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Useful Information

What is MiFID II?

The MiFID II / MiFIR regulatory framework seeks to improve the competitiveness of EU financial markets and ensure investor protection for investors in financial instruments. The directive’s main goal is to standardize the EU financial markets.

Since 3 January 2018, all investment firms in the EU / EEA are required to comply with MiFID II, including firms providing investment advice and portfolio management on a client-by-client basis. MiFID II creates new challenges in terms of data collection, analysis and reporting to National Competent Authorities (NCAs) and the EU regulator ESMA.

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Investor Protection

Our regulatory data and services support you with client profiling, product suitability assessments and fulfilling regulatory reporting requirements.