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Help your retail advisory save time with access to single repository of up-to-date PRIIP KIDs and other regulatory documents, complete with 10 year archiving and reporting for a compliant audit trail.

Search, download, archive and report on all regulatory documents using a single tool

Sourcing pre-sales documents from multiple product manufacturers and making these readily available for advisors to share with clients is a real burden for financial institutions. To help alleviate this, SIX has established a regulatory document hub that not only provides access to documents generated by us, but also from other document manufacturers, providing a single point of access for distributors and advisors.


Access all documents from one place

Our document hub provides access to all types of regulatory documents such as PRIIP KIDs, PIBs, and other documents such as marketing factsheets in one central repository. This creates a single point of access for advisors to look-up, retrieve, and share financial instrument documents with clients before the sale of investment products.





Save costs with a single interface

Seamless integration into your core banking system or easy access via a web-interface not only make it quicker for advisors to retrieve documents, but it also results in a cost-efficient infrastructure for your organization. You maintain only one interface, instead of individual interfaces to each manufacturer and other document sources.





Automatic archiving and reporting

Each document download triggers a report to automatically create an audit trail. Combined with 10-year report archiving, this ensures compliance and speedier audits for your organization.

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