Corporate Action

Events Package

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Payment Structure

Structure of complex payments and the relationships between the single payment messages.


Announced distributions including options and reinvestments, amortizations and capital reductions.

Meeting and Listing Event

Meeting announcements and listing events like the listing, delisting and trading suspensions.


Voluntary events that usually involves an offer to the shareholder (e.g. repurchase offer).


All mandatory events (e.g. split, merger, assimilation) except distributions.

Delivery Options

Updates or Snapshots

All updates: receive all changes after an initial load used as reference.
Snapshot: receive all events before and after a specific date.

Scheduled or On Demand

Schedule the deliveries daily, weekly, monthly or get delivered On Demand.

Cross Reference

Security Master Package

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Instrument Identifier

Over 25 international and national securities numbering schemes including ISIN required for transaction reporting. 

Instrument Short Name

Financial Instrument Short Name (FISN) you can use in securities trading and administration applications – ISO 18774.

Instrument Classification

Feed your securities trading and administration infrastructure with the Classification of Financial Instrument (CFI) code, along with a classification from SIX (SIXCFI) to describe your securities - ISO 10962.

Market Identification

Market Identifier Code (MIC) allowing the identification of exchanges, trading platforms, regulated or non-regulated markets and trade reporting facilities for each financial instrument.

Trading and Listing Symbols

Trading and listing symbols of financial instruments as well as Alternative Instrument Identifier (AII) for derivative instrument identification. Trading segment and product group information for each financial instrument.

Delivery Options

Scheduled or On Demand

Schedule the deliveries daily, weekly, monthly or get delivered On Demand.

Valuation Price

End-of-day package

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End-of-day free of charge price for a number of official sources with a subset of security information.

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Always a full delivery.

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