High-quality data, business news, and powerful analysis tools for making the best informed business decisions.

SIX iD is designed for securities processing agents, investment advisors, wealth managers, risk managers and asset managers alike. Built on SIX’s award winning reference and market data, SIX iD offer users a complete and intuitive tool on which to base decisions on. You can customize your SIX iD by adding on any of our third party  providers, or choose one of our prep-packaged offerings:


Discover the intuitive display and data breadth.

  • Local News Service plus Regulatory News: APA Ad hoc News (German), Bolsamania (Spanish), (French), Finacces (French), Hugin (English), OB News (Norwegian), OMX Helsinki News (Various), Cision Wire (Various).
  • Delayed and free of charge market data, and a subset of reference data
  • Time series (up to 180 days - 5 mins snapshots)

Customize with additional third party providers:

  • Factset
  • Infront Analytics
  • theScreener
  • Tullett Prebon
  • RepRisk

Defining your clients’ portfolios.

The Wealth Management Package is designed to meet the needs of financial advisors. The emphasis is on information that provides optimal support for your investment decisions.

It includes:

  • FinXL: fully integrated within Excel, it allows you to insert and edit real-time data functions, historical data snapshots, interpolated rate calculations and execute yield-oriented calculations.
  • Corporate key figures and data by:
    - theScreener
    - RepRisk
    - FactSet Estimates (4-year forecast)
    - FactSet Fundamentals (2 years)
    - Infront Analytics Visual
    - Money Market data (Tullett Prebon) end of day
    - S&P ratings
  • SIX iD Mobile*

*Not available in the USA, UK and Ireland

Supports demanding investment decisions.

The Asset Management Package is perfect for those who need to be fully prepared for their investment decisions.

It includes:

  • An international news service in English (in addition to the local news agencies)
  • Infront Analytics Investor
  • Extended FactSet Estimates  (5-year history & 4-year forecast)
  • FactSet Fundamentals (5-year history)
  • Money Market data (Tullett Prebon) real time
  • Subset of reference data

Full securities breadth and depth.

The Reference Package suits the needs of users in the securities management sector. This package has a particularly user-friendly and powerful search function for securities.

In contains:

  • Complete securities data
  • Corporate actions
  • Institutional data
  • Extended search for securities, prospectus data, information about prices and previous or preannounced events
  • Available original termsheets
  • Evaluated pricing service
  • Bond Pricing
  • S&P ratings and Moody’s ratings
  • FinXL
  • Money Market data (Tullet Prebon) end of day

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