Trust your analysis.

SIX iD takes our award winning data and third party providers, and puts it right in front of you. The intelligent display allows you to monitor and analyse your clients portfolio and take time-critical decisions with ease. With data and powerful analysis at your fingertips, no opportunity goes amiss.

Take control of your workspace.

With new discrete, independent windows, and free range of your entire desktop, SIX iD lets you design workspaces that are truly yours.

You can specify windows to always remain visible when switching workspaces, and even remain on top of other applications so that you never lose sight of your most important feeds.  

By creating your own workspaces, you will develop workflows that maximize your productivity and enable you to work efficiently with in-house applications.

You're in complete control.

Stop searching, start finding.

Take immediate action on your searches by loading quotes, news, charts, summaries and more directly from your search results. Use the smart list feature to efficiently categorize your search, and easily preview your results with just a click.

Finding has never been easier.

The simplicity of the interface doesn't stop there. You can also drag and drop identifiers between windows, including other applications such as Excel. So now the content you need for your next investment decision is there at your fingertips.

Get started right away.

SIX iD provides you with a selection of predefined workspaces that fit your profile and pre-designed scenarios to help you get started in seconds.

Built and organized by asset type, market and index, you can simply load a predefined workspace and tweak it to your liking.

Content packages tailored to your needs.