Our Offering

High-quality data, business news, and powerful analysis tools for making the best informed business decisions.

SIX iD is designed for securities processing agents, investment advisors, wealth managers, risk managers and asset managers alike. To best meet your particular needs, we offer three packages suited to the different functions within financial institutions:

Designed to meet the needs of financial advisors.

Suits the needs of users in the securities management.

Perfect for those who have to take investment decisions.


Highlights in all packages:

FinXL: fully integrated within Excel, it allows you to insert and edit real-time data functions (getQuote), historical data snapshots (GetHisto, GetSnap), interpolated rate calculations (CalcRate) and execute yield-oriented calculations (CalcBond).

Forex and Money Market Contributors: access to the news from various providers (daily closing or delayed prices; Tullett Prebon included).

News Services: Deutsche Börse (in German), RNS London (in English), Pressetext (in German), EURO Ad-Hoc (in German), Business Wire (in English), PR Newswire (in English).*

Java and HTML: the Java applet offers full benefits, while the HTML version is suited for companies with limited bandwidth for transmitting financial information or a restricted corporate policy.

* The availability of a news service depends on where you are located, and varies from country to country.

All three packages share the same basic configuration which includes the following features:

Basic Features:

  • Screens
  • Quote lists
  • Styles
  • Single Quote
  • Orderbook
  • Option Chaining
  • Option Calculator
  • Bond Calculator

  • Chart
  • Limit Minder
  • Watchdog
  • Portfolio
  • Ticker
  • All sources
  • Free quotes
  • Regulatory news

Additional Features:

  • Forex and Money Market Contributors (daily closing or delayed prices)
  • Yield Curves
  • ICB (Industry Classification Benchmark)
  • S&P Ratings
  • FinXL
  • Historical prices up to 10 years
  • Time series up to 10 days
  • Advanced search for instruments and news

Wealth Management Package

The Wealth Management Package is designed to meet the needs of financial advisors. The emphasis is on information that provides optimal support for your investment decisions.

In addition to the features of the basic configuration you will benefit from the following: 

News: a local, internationally-oriented news service, selected according to your location.

Corporate key figures & information: analysis and data by TheScreener, RepRisk RPI, FactSet Estimates (4-year forecast) and Fundamentals (2 years), Infinancials GPRV, Valordata Select

SIX iD Mobile: iPhone application (download from App Store with keywords "SIX iD Mobile") and HTML for browser-based mobiles (URL: www.sixidmobile.com).*

* Not available in the USA, UK and Ireland.

Reference Package

The Reference Package suits the needs of users in the securities management sector. This package includes complete reference data and has a particularly user-friendly and powerful search function for securities.

In addition to the features of the basic configuration you will benefit from the following:

Complete reference data: access to all fundamental reference and corporate events data in our world leading database.

Extended search for reference data: targeted or extended search for securities, prospectus data, information about prices and previous or pre-announced events.

Evaluated Prices: valuation of assets according to various criteria.

Termsheets: access to all original termsheets with precise information about special features of a new financial instrument.

Time series up to 180 days: for comprehensive price information.

Asset Management Package

The Asset Management Package delivers all the data and functions included in the other two packages. In addition to that you get access to an extended news service plus extended corporate key figures. This package is perfect for those who need to be fully prepared for their investment decisions.

In addition to the features of the basic configuration and those of the Wealth Management and Reference Package you will benefit from the following:

Extended News Service: an international English language news service, in addition to the local, internationally-oriented news service.

Infinancials Investor: screen for the best public limited companies using a wide range of key figures and get detailed pre-processed information on fundamental data and estimates.

FactSet Estimates and Fundamentals: 5-year history and 4-year forecast for Estimates; 5-year forecast for Fundamentals.

Forex and Money Market Contributors: access the news from various providers in real time (including Tullett Prebon).

RepRisk®: continuously updated news and key data on the reputational risks facing thousands of companies, projects, NGOs and governmental bodies. The database covers all major business languages.