Teleinvest International AG

Securities trading and management systems for Private Banking, Investment Banking, Asset management and corresponding pre and post trade applications

Teleinvest provides solutions for trading of any instrument type, for managing of the corresponding security master file and for portfolio evaluation.

TELEINVEST offers tested solutions like automated securities opening and up-dating or real-time market views for the trading rooms, all based on reliable SIX Telekurs data and other competitive sources.

Our knowledge of SIX Telekurs data feeds and databases is unrivaled, allowing us to satisfy specific client needs in the front-, middle and back-office. 



TELEINVEST INternational AG (Support)
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1025 St. Sulpice
T +41 21 691 90 44
F +41 21 697 30 04
TELEINVEST International AG (Sales)
9491 Ruggell