Themasoft is a Dutch software developer aiming to provide the financial industry with the most visual and intuitive software when it comes to asset management and portfolio management.

Our range of Rapper Software products are developed using the newest technologies and are fully "touchscreen proof". They can be used on modern devices like smartphones and tablets.

Within the software portfolios can be shaped, selected and managed. Information like performance, risk, allocation and cash flow projections are available per portfolio. All the information can be shared with the individual investor using the MyRapper client application.

Rapper is connected to different banks which makes it possible to provide consolidated reporting to the investors.

Clients of Themasoft include asset managers, banks, family offices, wealth managers and potentially fund managers and pension funds.


Themasoft B.V.
Willemskade 21
3016 DM Rotterdam
T +31 (0)10 4132622