Basel III

Basel III aims to improve the banking sector’s ability to manage uncertainty in financial and economic stress, improve risk management and governance, and strengthen banks’ transparency and disclosures. The Basel III regulatory implementation period has begun on 1 January 2013 and affects banks worldwide.

Basel III, the third of the Basel Accords, sets the rules which banks have to follow in order to mitigate the risks concerned with their capital, liquidity and governance. More precisely, banks are requested to implement a broad valuation of securities and use structured scenario analysis.

Through its flagship product Valordata Feed (VDF), SIX Financial Information offers a wide spectrum of Basel III compliant financial data and supports the regulation’s requirement to cover the minimum capital requirements, ensure a proper supervisory and ensure the transparency requirements under market discipline.

In order to comply with Basel III, the client can use SIX Financial Information’s data offering, in particular:

  • Global Corporate Actions: read more
  • Securities Ratings: SIX Financial Information provides a variety of ratings data from leading international rating agencies such as Moody’s, S&P, FITCH, Morningstar and so forth.

For more details on the Basel III accords and SIX Financial Information’s related offering, please download our factsheet (below).