PIB, KIID and PRIIP Service

Ensure your clients fully understand financial products, the associated risks and make it easy to compare alternative investments while meeting legal requirements with our PIB, KIID and PRIIP service.

Producing legally-compliant regulatory documentation for every financial instrument and keeping them updated is a real burden on financial institutions. The required standardization that ensures investors are able to compare different financial products on a level field and the degree of precision in which investors must be informed of costs and charges incurred by a transaction require administrative efforts that can be timely and costly without complete data and automated workflows.

Our Product Information Sheet Service

The PIB, KIID and PRIIP service from SIX Financial Information provides a legally-compliant solution with a high level of instrument coverage for your advisory activities. We either integrate the solution directly into your systems, or give you secure access via a web front-end which allows you to provide clients with all the latest user-friendly factsheets quickly and efficiently at all times.

Our service offers all the data and documents required for the following regulatory purposes, and more:

  • PRIIP (Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products)
  • FIDLEG-BIB (Basisinformationsblatt)
  • PIB (Product Information Bulletin)
  • KIID (Key Investor Information Document)
  • UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities)
  • Factsheets                               
  • Original sales prospectus

The integration of customized text modules, costs and charges is also possible, as is the integration of internal documents and original KIIDS and sales prospectuses issued by investment management companies.

Key benefits

Explain financial products in a clear and simple manner to clients and make it easy to compare alternative investment products.

A legally compliant solution with a high level of coverage with factsheets on over 13 million financial instruments and more than 110 asset classes including Eurex, OTC instruments and forward transactions.

Considerable time and cost savings with all data and software provided by a single source.

Fast, cost-efficient integration with the bank’s own portals and external systems as well as integration of customized data, categories, texts and internal documents.

Key Features

  • Extensive automation of reports and factsheets (standard and OTC products)
  • Custom and detailed view statistics
  • 10-year archiving ensuring audit compliance
  • Full multi-client capability
  • Compatible with ISIN, WKN and securities
  • Highest security standards
  • Multilingualism of the system
  • Integration of the original KIIDs and sales prospects issued by investment management companies
  • Consistent corporate identity – have documents designed to your specifications and in line with your corporate design

Regulatory Requirements

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