Solvency II Data Service

Solvency II Data Service

Ensure accuracy, completeness and appropriateness when calculating capital adequacy with our granular cross-asset class reference and pricing data.

The Solvency II directive is bringing economic risk-based solvency requirements to the EU as a means of increasing policyholder protection and ensuring greater financial stability across the insurance industry. Not only does this require following stringent risk modelling and timely reporting requirements for insurers, but the data used for calculating capital adequacy must be demonstrated as ‘accurate’, ‘complete’ and ‘appropriate’.

Our Solvency II Data Service

SIX Financial Information’s Solvency II service provides the granular cross-asset class reference & pricing data required to help insurers, asset managers and custodians calculate capital adequacy under Pillar 1 and reporting and disclosure under Pillar 3.

More specifically, the data service provides the data consistency and provenance required to ensure accuracy, completeness and appropriateness for calculating Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR), Minimal Capital Requirement (MCR) and producing Quantitative Reporting Templates (QRTs).

In addition to the granular, high quality asset data requirements, SIX Financial Information’s Solvency II service includes the new data requirements such as Complementary Identifier Code (CIC), NACE industrial classifications and Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) essential for completing Solvency II disclosures. 

Full list of additional attributes:

Key benefits

SIX Financial Information performs the Solvency II reference data ‘heavy lifting’ on your behalf.

Integrate the new data attributes required for Solvency II into your Securities & Entity Master.

Supports ‘Accuracy’, ‘Completeness’ & ‘Appropriateness’ data requirements for all three Pillars.

Provides data consistency for holistic data management approach to risk- based regulations.

Optional 3rd party content to fit your needs such as the inclusion of Morningstar full funds (look-through), D&B ultimate parent & DUNS codes, Avox AVID codes.

Our specialists produce customized solutions for client specific risk and compliance requirements.

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