Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service

Identifying sanctioned domiciles, entities and persons

Effectively identifying securities that are sanctioned under various global regimes helps avoid reputational damage or even fines and maximizes opportunities by reducing the need to block trades in non-sanctioned instruments.

But even with the official sanctions lists, identifying the securities related to a domicile or company can be a significant challenge. Compliance departments need to determine in-scope entities and all their issued securities, then uncover global holdings of more than 50% and determine if securities issued by those subsidiaries are actually in-scope.  There is also the challenge of verifying beneficial ownership by sanctioned individuals, which is another crucial element of building your firm’s blocked securities list. 

Our Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service

To meet this complex requirement, SIX Financial Information has developed the Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service. This helps compliance professionals meet the challenge of observing the many global economic sanctions not only by simplifying the process of identifying securities but by keeping you up-to-date as the political situation evolves.

The service provides a scrubbed daily list of securities related to an affected issuer or beneficial owner, identifying the regime(s) under which each is sanctioned, drawing from various global regimes, namely the EU, HK, UN, UK and US.

Key characteristics

  • Identify global sanctions directives
  • Scrub and consolidate the official lists
  • Determine sanctioned entities and individuals
  • Validate affected instruments on a daily basis

Key benefits

  • Confidence that your firm’s ‘do not trade’ list is valid and current – based on the knowledge that the core business of SIX is collecting, scrubbing, consolidating and verifying huge amounts of data
  • Freedom for your staff from data research and scrubbing to pursue other critical compliance tasks

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