RepRisk®: Recognize reputational risks and protect your investments

RepRisk®: Recognize reputational risks and protect your investments

Nowadays, investors cannot merely focus on financial risks – they have to keep an eye on environmental and social risks. Such threats can be easily assessed with RepRisk® which is integrated in our SIX iD display product.

Thanks to the collaboration between SIX Financial Information and RepRisk, the leading provider of dynamic data on environmental and social risks, SIX iD contains news and key data on the reputational risks facing over 23,500 companies, 5300 projects, 4100 NGOs and 3600 governmental bodies.

The RepRisk® application includes a variety of features enabling you to monitor risk trends over time, create customized watch lists, tailor alert services, and more.

The database is updated continuously and covers all major business languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian).

Independent sources and broad coverage

The assessment of the environmental and social performance of a company is based on the company’s activities in the field as observed by independent third parties, including print media and news portals from over 800 NGOs as well as other independent websites, newsletters and blogs. The assessment is not derived from information published by the company itself.

Issues covered include environmental footprint and climate change, human rights and the negative effect of the business on community relations, labor  conditions, employee relations, as well as controversial products, corruption and money laundering.

The RepRisk® Index (RRI)

The RRI ranges from zero (lowest) to 100 (highest) and pinpoints companies which have recently made negative headlines. Companies exposed to a lot of criticism in the past are less sensitive to new allegations. If no new criticism is captured, the RRI of a company will drop to zero over a two year period.

The index is calculated based on the importance of the information sources, the frequency and timing of the news, as well as the novelty and severity of the news content. It facilitates an initial assessment of the risks associated with investments or business relationships, and allows a company’s exposure to be compared with that of its peers.

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