4TPM Trading & Portfolio Management

4TPM is a leading Software editor that has been specializing in Portfolio Management and Trading for 15 years. 4TPM and SIX Financial Information are partners since 2007.

4TPM offers PATIO™, a platform dedicated to the financial and retail banking industries. PATIO is declined into 3 products:

  • Patio PM (Portfolio Management)
  • Patio OLT (On Line Trading)
  • Patio OMS (Order Management System)

The PATIO suite offers:

  • Excellence in term of compliance and risk control thanks to a powerful rules engine, a 15 years’ development experience outcome.
  • The best full STP router technology that ensure reliability, demonstrated by millions of successful trading operations.
  • The guarantee of a complete and effective solution to your retail portfolio management’s needs.

More than 500 private asset managers use PATIO daily to meet their objectives.


4TPM Trading & Portfolio Management
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