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Security Master

Facilitating fast global trading, clearing and settlement with high-quality reference data and corporate actions.




Data you trust

Financial institutions depend on high-quality data to keep their fast-paced businesses running, including reference data, corporate actions, fund data and data for pre- and post-trade services. 





The data management challenge

Sourcing data with sufficient  granularity and coverage is crucial for firms, but data management is a constant challenge. Various sources deliver data in different formats, requiring manual reconciliation.

Firms face information overload that makes it difficult to find the right data at the right time. Optimizing data sourcing and processing is therefore critical for financial firms. 




Specialists in reference data, for more than 86 years

We source, aggregate and enrich information from 1,500 sources around the world to deliver a data universe of more than 23 million instruments, covering a broad range of asset classes.

Our data services facilitate straight-through processing, supporting quick implementation and reduced programming time to enable fast global trading, clearing and settlement.

The depth and breadth of our award-winning corporate actions data also provides the quality and coverage you need to carry out transactions in confidence. 

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