Tax & Compliance

Tax & Compliance

Keeping your trade life-cycle compliant with comprehensive data sets and expertise in regulations.




The rise of tax reporting and compliance obligations

Tax and compliance is an increasingly important topic for financial firms.

Regulations like FATCA, IRS Section 871(m), the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), FTT and global economic sanctions consume significant resources, while fines for non-compliance can run into billions of dollars.





The challenge for firms

Across the trade lifecycle, firms must be able to identify in-scope instruments, transactions and entities and withhold tax or report to regulators where necessary.

Minimizing risk while optimizing profit and remaining compliant requires comprehensive, granular data and regulatory expertise to interpret regulations. 





Keep your trade life-cycle compliant with SIX

Our data and regulations expertise help you to stay compliant and avoid fines and reputational damage.

We offer comprehensive breadth and depth of data, and have 86 years of experience of collecting and normalizing the layers of data around securities.

We deliver the datasets you need as well as useful services that help you make sense of them. 

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