TechRules is an unique, independent provider, able to supply services ranging from business advice, flow of financial data, and integration of solutions to the training of advisors.

TechRules helps financial entities to grow and be more profitable building and monitoring their model portfolios and putting in place all the technological solutions required. TechRules reviews each of their client’s projects, applying a throrough, personalized and totally transparent approach, allowing them to increase and maximize their business.

Ever since their first beginnings, the company has actively sought the greatest satisfaction of their clients by creating products and services that are innovative and reliable. TechRules strives to provide efficiency in financial advice and portfolio management processes. In obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate, TechRules demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a system of high-quality management, constantly reviewed and revised, in order to achieve highest standards of efficiency in all their services.
For over 20 years in the sector, TechRules has earned the trust of prestigious financial institutions around the world, which choose expertise, know-how and the guarantee of success that TechRules’ professional team provides. Thanks to its vast experience, TechRules provides its clients quickly and successful solutions, with major cost-reductions.

All TechRules’ solutions have been successfully implemented at national and international financial institutions. Several companies in Spain, Europe and Latin America chose TechRules as their strategic technological partner.


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Pozuelo de Alarcón
28223 Madrid
T +34 91 357 3900