BVV 2 Data Service

BVV 2 Data Service

SIX is now offering a tailor-made data service for managers of pension fund assets. Thanks to this new service, investments can be classified quickly, efficiently and accurately in accordance with the revised Swiss Ordinance on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVV 2).

In comparison to traditional bonds such as government or corporate bonds, the risks of more complex bonds and structured debt instruments are more difficult to assess. With the new BVV 2 ordinance, legislators want to ensure that pension funds do not underestimate such risks. All instrument types not explicitly designated in the ordinance as traditional investments are therefore now deemed to be "alternative investments". Pension funds may invest a maximum of 15% of their assets in this investment category.


Our BVV 2 Data Service

As a pension fund or asset manager, this will entail a significant amount of extra work for you. You are required to clearly identify, indicate and show alternative investments in your reports. With its BVV 2 data service, SIX facilitates the correct classification and reporting of instruments by automatically marking those which are considered alternative investments.

SIX has introduced a regulatory rule set for flagging alternative investment instruments. Regulatory authorities have been consulted for questions arising from the classification. This ensures that the data you incorporate in your reporting is correct.

SIX offers the BVV 2 data as an additional, fee-based service via the Valordata Feed or the SIX iD display product.

Key benefits

SIX takes care of the identification and flagging of alternative investment instruments reducing your amount of work. You will save time and money.

The rule-based system guarantees precise and clear flagging. Exceptional cases and other instances where there is room for interpretation will not be a cause for worry.

Your annual financial statements comply with Swiss federal requirements. In case of demarcation problems, SIX has consulted the appropriate authorities in order to provide a clear basis for the classification of investments.

You can easily obtain the BVV 2 data attributes via the Valordata Feed or the SIX iD display product.

Our experts at your side

The specialists at SIX develop tailored solutions designed specifically for your risk and compliance needs. SIX follows regulatory developments closely and updates its compliance data on an ongoing basis. SIX also shares its knowledge with clients and business partners at regular events and workshops.

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