Solvency II

Solvency II

Solvency II is a European-wide regulation for the insurance industry originally anticipated to be implemented as of 1 January 2014. It will be adopted by all 27 European Union (EU) Member States plus three of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries and is applicable to all insurance firms with gross premium income exceeding €5m or gross technical provisions in excess of €25m.

The new rules are designed to strengthen the EU-wide requirements on capital adequacy, the system of governance and risk management for insurers with the aim of increasing protection for policyholders and reducing the possibility of consumer loss or market disruption. The ultimate objective is to make it more accessible for firms to do business in the EU by replacing the varying local standards established under Solvency I.

As a leading provider of corporate actions, pricingand evaluations, reference and market data for millions of instruments, SIX Financial Information offers a wide range of regulatory relevant data through its flagship product Valordata Feed (VDF). For Solvency II, our focus is on being the one source for providing accurate, complete and appropriate data for the quantitative, reporting and disclosure requirements of the directive across six content areas:

  • Complementary Identification Code (CIC)
  • LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) ISO 17422
  • Industrial classifications and credit ratings: Industrial classifications from GICS (NACE*), SIC,NAICS, ICB; Entity & securitiy level ratings from S&P, Moodys & Fitch
  • Evaluated Pricing: read more
  • Funds look-through Data: Line-by-line composition and corresponding weighting for over 400,000 of Morningstar’s funds
  • Reference and Pricing Data: read more

In close connection with our clients, our specialists produce customized solutions for client specific risk and compliance requirements based on their needs and built upon our high quality data universe.

For more details on Solvency II and SIX Financial Information’s related offering, please download the factsheet below.


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