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Solvency II Fact Sheet, 英語

Complete data for effective risk management and reporting

Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild and IPS: Timed to global exchange closures, 英語

Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild is capitalizing on the flexibility and timeliness of SIX Financial Information’s Intraday Pricing Service (IPS). With this fast, efficient and flexible service, the client chooses to time its pricing snapshots to specific exchange closures across global time zones.

Corporate Actions Reports Service (CARS) - Thinking ahead of the game, 英語

SIX Financial Information's Corporate Action and Reports Service (CARS) is part of our Reference Data & Pricing offering

Example Asset Test Section (from the point of bilateral agreement CH/EU), 英語

Bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the EU - Direct and indirect investments in impacted assets as defined by the ESD: examples

Example Asset Test Section (from the point of view of Directive), 英語

EU-Directive on taxation of savings income – legislation of the EU member state direct and indirect investments in impacted assets as defined by the ESD: examples

Fact Sheet: PEP-Check, 英語

Compliance & Risk Solutions - Automatic check on money laundering and risks

Fact Sheet: The PIB and PRIIP Service, 英語

The PIB and PRIP service from SIX Financial Information gives your clients clear information about financial products, while meeting current statutory requirements.

Form for provision of compiled asset test data, 英語

If you wish to deliver compiled asset test data for a large number of funds, please fill in the following form and send it to Form for provision of compiled asset test data

Form for provision of TIS and NAV data, 英語

If you are a new data provider to SIX Financial Information and wish to deliver TIS (taxable income per share) and NAV data, please send the form below to

FundsFast - Data Management Solutions, 英語

As part of the growing suite of Data Management Solutions, SIX Financial Information offer you our FundsFast service: an award-winning, robust, speedy and customised solution within the Intraday Pricing Service for the provision of fund price data. The module is suitable for administrators or managers valuing fund of funds or for those requiring fund prices as early in the day as possible. This service has also now been extended to suit the needs of financial institutions seeking a managed service for hedge fund pricing.

Infographic: Sanctioned Securities, 英語

With the current state of Global and Sectorial Sanctions, staying clear of sanctioned securities has become more difficult than ever. Effective sanctions compliance depends entirely on accurate identification of in-scope entities and their issued securities.

Intraday Pricing Service - Time your snapshot, 英語

The Intraday Pricing Service combines a world class securities database with a flexible delivery system for superior asset servicing and portfolio valuation. Whether you need intraday, delayed or end-of-day pricing information, IPS delivers precise snapshots in a single, consistent format timed to your specifications.

Market Data Feed, 英語

The Market Data Feed (MDF) is a high performance, real-time market data service with customizable data selection. This competitive solution is a key source of financial information for buy side and sell side institutions such as investors, asset managers, mid- and back-offices of banks.

Reference Data Based Solutions - VDF Event Diary, 英語

SIX Financial Information provides a Web based Event Diary System which offers simplified tracking of corporate action announcements.

SIX Financial Information and Morningstar - Full transparency of fund holdings, 英語

SIX Financial Information’s partnership with Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment analysis, offers you fund composition information to better identify investment risks.

SIX Financial Information’s Reference Data Offering: Delivering the information you need (in Japanese)

SIX Financial Information provides you with one of the world’s most comprehensive securities database. Its sophisticated data structure seamlessly links all data elements associated with a security – from terms and conditions to prices, from institutions to markets, from corporate actions to global security identifiers.

Thurgauer Kantonalbank and apiD: Reference and market data interface for risk management, 英語

SIX Financial Information integrated the apiD interface into the Avaloq banking system to give Thurgauer Kantonalbank seamless access to its reference and market data. The expanded interface offers the client a highly modular market data solution in Avaloq with automatic feeds and flexible management of market and securities data. As a result, the bank is able to better handle risk management requirements.

グローバル・コーポレートアクション STP向けデータのタイムリーな配信

高い評価をいただいているSIX Financial Informationのコーポレートアクションサービ スは、ほぼリアルタイムの包括的なリファレンスデータベースであるVelordata Feed (VDF)から、キャッシュフロー管理や収益分配、リスク管理にご利用いただけるように世界中のデータを収集しています。