Telekurs iD – Your intelligent market display

Our all-inclusive market display Telekurs iD is ideally suited for monitoring financial markets and screening investments. You get access to our comprehensive database including reference data, market data, corporate information and business news as well as investment valuation and risk management tools.

Telekurs iD is designed for securities processing agents, investment advisors, wealth managers, risk managers and asset managers alike. To best meet your particular needs, we offer three packages suited to the different functions within financial institutions:


Wealth Management Package

Designed to meet the needs of financial advisors.


Reference Package

Suits the needs of users in the securities management.


Asset Management Package

Perfect for those who have to take investment decisions.

All three packages share the same basic configuration which includes the following features:

Basic features

Additional features

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Highlights in all packages

Telekurs FinXL: fully integrated within Excel, it allows you to insert and edit real-time data functions (getQuote), historical data snapshots (GetHisto, GetSnap), interpolated rate calculations (CalcRate) and execute yield-oriented calculations (CalcBond).
Forex and Money Market Contributors: access to the news from various providers (daily closing or delayed prices; Tullett Prebon and ICAP included).
News Services: Deutsche Börse (in German), RNS London (in English), Pressetext (in German), EURO Ad-Hoc (in German), Business Wire (in English), PR Newswire (in English).*
Java and HTML: the Java applet offers full benefits, while the HTML version is suited for companies with limited bandwidth for transmitting financial information or a restricted corporate policy.
* The availability of a news service depends on where you are located, and varies from country to country.

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