Binding Standards for Suppliers

In 2017, SIX introduced a Code for Suppliers, which sets down binding guidelines for suppliers in matters of business ethics and compliance as well as labor standards and environmental protection. All suppliers and the providers they use are bound by the Code for Suppliers and must behave in accordance with its terms. 

Energy and Resources

As a technology company, energy efficiency has played an important role at SIX for many years. We evaluate measures on an ongoing basis to reduce our environmental footprint. We are committed, within the framework of the Zurich Energy Model, to increasing our energy efficiency by at least 2% every year. In this way we save around 300 tons of CO2 annually.

In mid-2017, SIX reduced its different Zurich locations to one site in Zurich-West. 2018 was the new Hard Turm Park building's first full year in operation. The environmental effect of this location consolidation has been very positive. Actual consumption figures of heating energy, electricity and water were significantly lower in 2018 than in previous years. 


Environmental Management

SIX is committed to improved environmental management at all its locations. The sites in Luxembourg make an active contribution to protecting the environment through modern waste management and since 2000 have received the “SuperDrecksKëscht” waste management quality label for their efforts. In Austria, SIX sends around 6 million postal items in a climate-neutral way each year.

In Warsaw, employees collect all types of plastic waste and make the proceeds available to a social project. SIX uses the income to finance wheelchairs designed for children. Since 2015 the staff in Warsaw have collected more than 4,000 tons of plastic.