Stability of Systems

It is of central importance for the economy that the financial center functions smoothly. Major events such as a long-lasting power outage, floods, acts of sabotage or pandemics and, above all, chaos on the financial markets could significantly destabilize the financial system and, as a result, the Swiss economy. SIX ensures the smooth operation of the infrastructure even in crisis situations. In addition, SIX aims to promote general conditions that are beneficial to Switzerland as a financial center and to offer international investors and companies long-term planning certainty.

With a constant eye on the future, SIX will keep working on new services that will continue to ensure stability.

Data Protection

SIX places great importance on data and information protection, which it considers essential. Physical security measures in the data centers and employees who are trained in handling data, information and business documents ensure that this protection is in place. SIX has issued several Group directives setting out specific rules of conduct and provides employees with obligatory and optional training and the opportunity to take part in theme-specific events.