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Global Indices

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Index Solutions for the Global Markets

The SIX Global Equity Indices constitute a suite of indices developed by SIX, which capture the performance of equity instruments across world markets.

All SIX Global Equity Indices are calculated starting from the SIX Global Equity Universe and are divided in two main families:

  • The SIX World Indices comprise indices with a variable number of components that aim to provide the broadest market representation for a diversified set of large geographic regions
  • The SIX Broad & Blue-Chip Indices include indices with a fixed number of components that aim to capture the most representative companies of geographic or economic agglomerations from medium- to country-level.

The SIX Global Equity Indices are calculated in USD, EUR and CHF, plus local currency for country indices. Most indices are free-float market capitalization weighted. However, some indices are offered as price weighted.

The SIX World Indices are published as end-of-day only, while the SIX Broad & Blue-Chip Indices are also published intraday delayed. The historical values for all indices in the Global Equity Indices family are available as of 31 May 2013.

How You Will Benefit

Global Indices Special Report - Navigating the Financial Seas: The Role of Global Market Data and Global Indices

This special report highlights some of the current issues that financial institutions face today, and what they can do to ensure that clients get access to the best possible global indices and market data via one seamless way of delivery.

  • SIX Global Equity Indices Factsheet, Anglais

    The Global Equity Indices from SIX ensure broad coverage with high comparability to established benchmarks.

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  • SIX Global Equity Indices, Anglais

    Methodology Rulebook Governing the SIX Global Equity Indices

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SIX provides index level and constituent level data including weights, selection lists, index preview and review information to allow you to track index changes and corporate actions for all index constituents. 

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The SIX Global Indices can be used for display purposes, benchmarking, active portfolio management and passively managed financial products. 

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