Security: Nothing but the Best

As operator of the Swiss stock exchange and the national infrastructure for interbank payments, SIX accepts nothing less than the highest security standards. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) operates around the clock, 365 days a year, assessing attacks swiftly, intelligently and precisely.

We offer the same stringent security standards to our clients, delivered by the same SOC. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the financial sector gain access to IT security services of a caliber usually available only at the biggest companies – and they can trust it, because we do.  

Why You Should Care about Cyber Security

2.6 bn 2.6 bn
Globally there were 1,765 registered cyberattacks on companies that involved the theft of 2.6 billion data records in 2017.
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According to an IBM study, the average time taken to identify data theft is 191 days, with responses taking another 66 days.
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Swiss companies are a popular target. The number of incidents is on the increase, up from 3 to 98 from 2005 to 2018.
90% 90%
A report from IBM concluded: "Financial institutions should expect 90% more security events and 50% more attacks than average."

From the Financial Sector for the Financial Sector

SIX is the only provider in Switzerland that offers a cyber security solution for the financial sector, built by the financial sector. With SIX, banks and insurers can be confident that the service they receive is relevant and tailored to their needs – because these are our needs too.

SIX strives to ensure the maximum reliability and the best possible protection for both itself and Switzerland’s system-critical banking infrastructure by identifying relevant security incidents at an early stage. As a managed security services provider (MSSP), SIX can guarantee the same level of protection to its clients, truly providing finance-driven cyber security services. 

our community

Join the SIX Cyber Security Hub

The Swiss financial center has always been known for security and stability. Today, the threats may be different, but our commitment to security is unchanged.

The SIX Cyber Security Hub provides banks and insurance companies with reliable, relevant information on current risks and dangerous developments in the cybersecurity space. At heart, effective protection against cyberattacks depends on collaboration and the SIX Cyber Security Hub is built on the core elements of sharing information and experiences, and coordinated measures in the event of attacks.

By working together, organizations are less vulnerable to cyber risks: all Swiss banks and insurance companies regulated by FINMA are invited.