About the SXI Real Estate Funds Broad (SWIIT)

The SXI Real Estate® Funds Broad index comprises real estate funds with a listing on the Swiss Stock Exchange and at least 75% of their fund assets invested in Switzerland.

The SXI Real Estate indices accommodate the market’s need for indicators that reflect the share price developments of real estate companies. These indicators are a part of the SXI Family, which highlights industries of particular significance within the overall Swiss economy. 

The SXI Real Estate indices comprise a total of eight indicators. Among them are also indices which SIX calculates through the inclusion of real estate company shares as well as the units of real estate funds.

Available since 1 January 1995

Daily Performance


How You Will Benefit

Strong Real Estate Benchmark

Switzerland’s benchmark index representing real estate funds listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Ensures High Quality Standards

Provides access to high quality Swiss real estate funds with a minimum of 75% of assets invested in Switzerland

Easy to Invest

Well-known by retail and institutional investors who seek exposure to the Swiss real estate market


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